8 May

Five benefits of concealed carry permits


1. Licenses put police officers at ease
Many firearm owners carry a weapon in their vehicle(s) for protection while on the roadways and around town. Get pulled over by a police officer and he or she may ask if you have a firearm in your car. Answer truthfully. In unrestricted firearm states, the police officer cannot lawfully confiscate the gun from you, but the presence of a firearm can...

6 Mar


If you want the hottest pepper spray on the planet then you want FOX 5.3 ! Check out the video (had a hard time with the language, sorry). order it and pick up in class!...

6 Mar


28 Feb


Don't lose out on this sale! We have taken deep discounts on all our classes! - UP TO 50% OFF! REMEMBER- OUR PRICE INCLUDES CLASSROOM AND FIRING RANGE FEES * * not all classes have a firing range segment. ...

19 Feb


With all the hustle and bustle going on this time of year, new firearm purchases, don't over look the most important and potentially life saving class for you and your family! This is a great class to do as family education and a great bonding experience. We offer this class for those 10yrs to adults you are NEVER to young to learn the safe way to handle and store firearms and ammunition. We look...

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